Inaba Dental Office English website open!

Inaba Dental Office English website open!


Hello. My name is Yuriko Inaba and I am the director of Inaba Dental Office.

I would like to introduce Inaba Dental Office English website.

Inaba dental office specialized in denture called as telescopic crown system, which is developed in Germany.

6 years have passed since the creation of the denture specialty website,however on this occasion I’ve decided to open an English website as well.

It began from a recent increase in inquiries from Japanese living abroad, as well as an increase in visitors seeking treatment.

I would receive inquiries from Indonesia, Guam, Singapore, Philippine, New Zealand and so on.

I started to wonder, what if people in neighboring countries are having trouble with their dentures?

In Germany, denture has a history of more than 120 years which is trusted in the world, but present situation is this that it has not yet spread in Japan or neighboring countries.

Nowadays, there’s a worldwide inclination towards implant treatment, but thereare also some people who do not want to replace with dental implant orcannot replace due to systemic disease.

Those people have been looking for an alternative to implants, high-quality dentures.

I think that this is an issue not just in Japan but world-wide.

There’s one more big reason why I decided to make an English website.

I want the world to know about the work of my father, Prof.Dr. Shigeru Inaba, who with 50 years clinical experience, has a great number of long-term cases, over 30 years, using the German “telescopic crown system” denture.

The Struck Denture that utilizes an upper and lower dual impression technique,
developed by Prof.Dr. Shigeru Inaba, may also be able to spread throughout the world through patients.

What a wonderful dream that is.

I’m not sure what kind of a response this website will garner, or if it will garner one at all.
However, I never know until I try.

That’s what I felt when I started a denture specialty website 6 years ago.

At the time, even if I made a denture specialty website,
I didn’t think that older people would search for it with the internet.
However, when I made it, the response was enormous.

Even if we search the world over, I don’t think we’ll be able to find an English website
that has denture information in this much detail.

It’s simply that there’s no need.
Even if foreign dental clinics don’t make a website like this, patients will come.

As there are many dental clinics in Japan, we need to, as much as possible,
provide precise and detailed information, otherwise patients will not choose us.
So, I have taken the contents built up over the last 6 years and translated them all into English.

I enjoyed making English website.
If you are interested, please do have a look.

▼Inaba Dental Office “Specializing in Denture” English website open!
Inaba Dental Office English website
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この度、Inaba Dental Office English websiteを開設させていただくことになりました。


















▼Inaba Dental Office “Specializing in Denture” English website open!
Inaba Dental Office English website
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